Thursday, June 30, 2011

some old stuff

some old stuff i found on my computer  the third one which i call "The Human Fly from the Future Death" was actually my very first attempt at using digital colors. the name comes from the fact that i read too many comics and watch too many sci-fi movies so i have a love for stupid names that throw back to old covers or posters

just a quickie

just a quick pic to see how well uploading goes. turns out not so well

oh and this was done purely in adobe photoshop.

so im kinda new to this(redux)

so im just throwing out a first blog to say that the main reason for this whole setup is to show off artwork. there will be no deep meaningful essays about the way life and society works, no attempts at deep intellectual theories on the meanings and working of the universe.(i think theres way too much of that on other blogs already) i have no new ways of thinking thatll make you question your existence.

just the same 'ol jackass opinions as everyone else, but with some subpar art